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Ultra Smart Travel CRM
   Ultra Smart Travel CRM
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 Ultra Smart Travel CRM  
ULTRA SmartTravel Solutions - Travel Business Management System.
ULTRA SmartTravel is meant to make travel business management and operations more easier, faster and provide accessibility from any corner of the world by few clicks in a secured mode and above all, it is “a step ahead” towards Green IT. It provides facility to manage more than one type of travel services like Flights, Hotels, Cars, Cruises etc. Now you do not need to take note on papers about customer information, queries of customers, replies or fares quoted to customers which will help you to locate info quickly and correctly whenever required.
The multi-user facility helps other team members / agents to access those information. Makes it easy to run, manage and analyze day-to-day travel business activities.
Key Features:
Web based Application which can be accessed from any corner of the world.
Platform independent - works on any PC or Mac.
Secured mode of managing day-to-day business data.
Ease of data storage and retrieval in formatted manner.
Ease of expansion – can add locations, travel agents / staff members and services offered in few clicks.
Manage multiple business locations using one application.
Wide range of reports for business owners and agents / staff members.
Get business operations paperless in additions to more organized, easy, faster and secured.
“A step ahead” towards Green IT. Save environment by eliminating user of paper.
For Administrator or Manager  
Create and manage different locations of a travel agency.
Define administrator of the travel business.
Set type of services offered like Flights, Hotels, Cars, Vacations & Cruises.
Define travel agents for each location and create their user accounts.
Manage privileges of each travel agent. It can be read-write-own, read-write-all, read-all-write-own etc. Which defines that whose leads can an agent view or act upon when logged-in.
For Administrator or Manager
Manage customers with all required customer information like personal details, family details, travel document details like passport details and frequent flyer account details, customer payment preferences, travel preferences etc.
Create customer leads in few clicks by selecting type of service e.g. Flights / Hotels / Vacations etc. and setting type of query like walk-in, phone and website.
Search and identify a customer while creating a lead.
Create and save or save & email quotation for a query / lead, which is stored for future reference.
Look at stored log against each query/lead about action taken for it.
Transfer a query / lead to other staff / agent and monitor actions taken on it.
Set Reminders for own and for other travel agents.
Close created query / lead along with reason like purchased ticket etc.
A staff member can generate report of own performance for a selected period.
Reports to analyze business activities carried out by all locations as a whole or for selected staff member which is useful to Administrator / owner of travel agency.
Coming Soon Features:  
Multiple desktops for each agent to handle multiple leads simultaneously.
Export reports in .PDF or .XLS format.
Chat functionalities for travel agents.
Chat functionalities for Owner / Manager to travel agents with feature of “message to all travel agents”.
Invoice clients.
Online secured payment of invoices through credit cards.
Bulk Email module – using which email can be sent to selected or all customers and travel agents at once in few clicks.
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