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In the era of www it is most important to have your presence noticed. We create websites, send emails and join social networks to reach out the world. But are we efficient and effective in our effort ? Our team plays a key role here.
Website Optimization
It is estimated that more than 90% of the websites are not fully optimized and fails to attract attention. Our e-Marketing Strategy revolves around using the latest Search Engine Optimization and Marketing techniques to bring most relevant visitors at lowest possible cost, using the most recent user behavior and site usability trends to convert the visitors to shoppers, diligent use of e-Commerce site features to increase sales per order and repeat sales via e-Commerce Promotion and Customer Service. This has proven to increase ROI, improve Sales - on an ongoing basis. Our e-Commerce Marketing strategy is primarily divided into 3 groups:
To Bring the Visitor to your e-Commerce Website
online marketing services Search Engine Optimization
online marketing services Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Text/Banner Ads)
online marketing services Product and Category structure for effective Product Rankings
online marketing services Google Products and other comparison shopping optimization
online marketing services Online Classifieds
Enroll the Visitor to purchase (convert visitor to a customer)
online marketing services Site effectiveness, appropriate Call-to-Action areas
online marketing services Shopping Cart Optimization
emarketing services Promotions, Coupons, Sale - motivation for visitor to purchase
online marketing services Customer Connect – emotional content
online marketing services Increase Sales Per Order - associated products, customer recommendations, reviews
Repeat Business - bring the Customer back
online marketing services Customer Service
online marketing services Newsletters reminding them of upcoming promotions, New Coupons, Seasonal Sale
online marketing services Feedback Mechanism
E-Mail Marketing
With the wide-spread use of email as a medium of reliable and quick communication tool, email marketing has become very effective way of spreading your message.
A Professional e-mail marketing Needs
online marketing services A most attractive email template design
online marketing services Bulk email services which can schedule emails with contact list management
online marketing services Keeping track of email clicked and bounced
online marketing services Subscription management
Campaign Design
A Professional E-Campaign Needs an Email Template Design.
Advertising your company, products, and services has never been easier or more cost effective. Using the power of the internet, it is now possible to reach hundreds of people within a matter of seconds. Creating and sending out your email marketing campaigns, gets your message and product announced to the world, with just the click of a mouse. Our talented designers produce unique and never-used ideas of email templates just for your unique requirements.
Using HTML, Flash, Photoshop, various scripts and lots of innovations, Ultra InfoTech Designer team creates hundreds of email templates - a pre-formatted design, including links and images that are ready to be edited as a starting point for your e-campaign. Size, font, and images are in conformity with design standards in compliance with the most popular email programs. Your email-marketing template may also include embedded links such as registration, opt-in, op-out and a URL link for your website-landing page.
Bulk Email Services
Ultra InfoTech has produced most efficient e-mail tools like Ultra Smart Mailers to provide you one of its Bulk Email Services. But not only that, we also offer you our best service of email servers. We provide you your own unique email server to run your own email campaign.
Analyze your email campaign.
As email campaigns becomes the strategic method of growth for any company or organization, tracking those results becomes the heartbeat and essential core of your email campaign.
emarketing services Advantages of Tracking and Reporting your Email Marketing Campaigns
online marketing services See who opened your email campaigns
online marketing services What was the percentage of opened mail?
online marketing services What links did they click within your newsletter or email campaign?
online marketing services How many people opted to subscribe?.
online marketing services How many people opted to unsubscribe?
online marketing services Are you attracting new subscribers?
online marketing services Collect subscriber comments
online marketing services Obtain total number of bounced email
online marketing services Perform a comparative study results of different campaigns
Subscription Management
We help you maintain your own recipient list. You will be notified immediately as one subscribes or unsubscribe your campaign. You may group and also subgroup email lists to have scheduled and focused campaigns.
Social Network Integration
Social networks offer organizations a variety of ways to leverage their users to communicate your message. It also provides tools that allow information to spread through social networks in innovative and intelligent ways. Social media integration means integration of all social media profiles on various social media platforms and aligning their functionality with that of a company’s main website.
Using the social media platforms that are right for a business can have a positive effect on traffic for their website. Installing sharing tools will allow a visitor to share what they’re reading with others via social networking. Not only is social media promotion the fastest way to spread a brand’s message but it also gives the customers a voice.
We help to define what our customers want to accomplish. Social networks offer the opportunity to distribute information, drive traffic, humanize your organization, create a dialogue with specific demographic groups, and deploy creative applications that allow users to participate directly in your organizational mission. Various platforms have different capabilities, and we help organizations understand what they are and why they would want to use them. While we can easily build a Facebook Application or a MySpace page, the real challenge is to understand why you would want to and how it will benefit your organization.
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