Mobile Applications Development

Now a days mobile applications are necessity of the life rather than a luxury. People are more mobile than earlier. In daily life, whether browsing the web, using emails, making online purchases or searching on Google, people use mobile devices more than any other devices like desktop computers or even notebooks.
Ultra InfoTech is one of the pioneers in India in mobile application development. Earlier Ultra used to develop pure native mobile applications using xCode for iOS and ADT for Android applications in addition to other like windows mobile apps. Then it was the era of hybrid mobile applications where Astar Technologies developed mobile applications using framework like phonegap, ionic 1.0, ionic 2.0 and React, a JavaScript library by Facebook for various client projects. Recently Ultra InfoTech is developing mobile applications using PWA (Progressive Web Application) to make them more reliable, fast and engaging. Digital experience designed with Google Design & Google Material will definitely add a dash to User Interface and user experience to use web applications and mobile applications.
With the advent of Web 2.0 it has become important to make your website user friendly as well as search engine optimized. Our team with its experience ensures your website looks impressive and is user-friendly and optimized at the same time.

We participate with non-commercial institution to achieve their noble motive by providing them best IT solutions.